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Pastor-Elect Lady Grayer is the Founder and Pastor of the Works Of Elohim International, Inc.  She is a chosen vessel in this hour, who ministers in the gifts of God in a strong Prayer of Deliverance, Laying-on-of-hands, and Prophetic Anointing ministry that can bring a soul out of prison.  Pastor-Elect Lady Grayer received her spiritual training under the late Dr. Mother Estella Boyd, and Elder Kenneth R Collins, whom to her, were two of the greatest Spiritual Generals of our era.  Pastor Bobbie, as she is affectionately called, lays hands on the sick and they do recover.  She is a woman of compassion and strength whose passion reaches out to the lost, the homeless, the wounded and the abused. Pastor Bobbie’s compassion for God’s people has led her to a higher level of service which ignites in her an unction to bring the poor that are cast out into her home. Pastor Elect Lady Grayer is also an inspired writer and author of literary works: “Don’t Shoot, I’m Already Wounded”, “Morning Glory” (A Book of Poems), “A Mother’s Love”, (a Keepsake Journal), Praise on Display her latest release, “Come and Dine” (A Soulful Cook Book).  There is still more to come.


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Statement of Faith

We believe in the Eternal GODHEAD who has revealed HIMSELF as ONE GOD existing in three persons existing in THREE PERSONS. FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT, distinguishable but indivisible (Math 28:19, 2 Co 13:14).
We believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, the SAVIOUR of men, conceived of the HOLY SPIRIT, born of the virgin Mary, very GOD, and very man (Lu 1:26-35; Jo 1:14-18; Is 7:14; 9:6).
We believe JESUS CHRIST died for our sins, was buried and rose again the third day, and personally appeared unto His disciples (1 Co 15:1-4; Rm 4:25).
We believe in the operation of the Gifts of the SPIRIT as enumerated in 1 Co 12: 1-14; as manifested in the early church.
We believe in the SPIRIT-FILLED life, a life of separation from the world and perfecting of holiness in the fear of GOD as expressing the true Christian faith (Ep 5:18; 2 Co 6:14; 7:1).
We believe in JESUS the Healer, thus, believing inthe healing of the body by DIVINE POWER, or DIVINE HEALING in it’s varied aspects as practiced in the Early Church (Acts 4:30; Ro 8:111; 1 Co 12:9;James 5:14).
We are a non-profit organization with an end-time prophetic message with it’s roots grounded in the Word of God (both the old and new Testaments).


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