Gracious Father, I join with my beloved brethren of this household of faith as we lift this planned activity before you O God ... I pray EVEN NOW for the generous, unrestrained release of your anointing upon everyone involved in its planning; that You reveal to them very clearly; step by step - YOUR wherewithal to crown this event with due success .... let everything be done decently, with due reverence and in wholesome order ... From its planning to its actual staging ... I pray God that You will have full preeminence ... Prepare hearts to receive from You; Equip and empower speakers and participants with Your divine anointing that they shall all be of one accord; speaking as Your Holy Oracles demand ... Let there be a miraculous flow and evident continuity of Your revelations in song and in word from day one to its finish... Grant that Your Word in song; in adulation; in worship and in oration be impacting, articulate and have free course... And Father, we bind the strongman of division; distraction and distortion ... every employ of his that targets this undertaking, we take full authority in You O God to pull down such and we speak destruction to every such diabolical scheme in the Mighty Name of Jesus... Through the Blood of Jesus we apply in faith over this highly anticipated event and through the word of our testimony we claim Your overcoming power .... that no devious plot of the deceiver of men shall prosper ... And so we commit this activity unto You... Lord fully persuaded that whatever we commit unto You, O God, You're able to keep against such attacks ... I now speak YOUR good success and prosperity over this happening and I give You EVEN NOW thanks for ALL of the answers In Jesus Mighty Name, I pray Ahh-mein and Ahh-mein! One of our prayer Covering Partners: Jahmadar Cassie, Trinidad and Tobago

You are like the precious stones when you lift up your Tabret/Flag to worship and minister before Adonai, you are radiantly decorated with supernatural gems, most beautiful!

We are coming together to expereince YAH'S presence, walk in HIS Glory, and thrive in HIS anointing.

My Worship is for real. It's a war over worship

-The Voice Of The Trumpet-

-Global Worship Summit-


The end-time strategy is unveiled thru the scripture: Revelation 12:11.

And they overcame satan by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.

 They weren't in love with themselves; they were willing to die for Christ.  

Arise and stand up and worship, really worship using God's word. 

Let us worship as illuminated in heaven... Revelation 4 and Isaiah 6. 

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory."

Let the fire on my altar never go out...

"Day and night, and night and day they cease not to cry:  

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come." 

My Worship is for Real!

"Then they fell down before him who sits on the throne and worshiped him who lives for ever and ever, saying: "You are worthy, O JA'HO'VAH our ELOHIM, to receive glory and honour, and power, for you have created all things, and for your pleasure they are and were created.

Rev 4:10-11

If this is your heart-beat and you have experienced the presence of Almighty God, 

Let us unite and teach others how to call-out emphatically in worship

 "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty".  

One of our goals is to get more people worshiping!

Start a worship-movement at your local church. 

Let's pull it together this April 6-7 2018!!! 

Sunday April 8th, Home Church


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